News (May, 2011) We've been doing a lot of work and will soon be opening our new studio in the South Kensington Neighborhood of Philadelphia. Summer 2011 We'll open the doors. We'll change the name in honor of our new space and some new people involved. Hi 5 Recording will be the name.

Here's a link to our blog about the studio in progress.

To give you an idea - this is a picture of the space (a part of the Maas Building) before we started construction.

The UFI STUDIO - (below is text written about the former UFI Studio based in Oakland, CA) Since then, Bart Davenport's Palaces has come out to much critical acclaim (Ben worked on 5 of the tracks and did string arrangements), We also recorded a couple songs for The Phone, mastered Joe Ellis's To Not Have Been Misunderstood, and have worked on various other recording projects in Philly while building The 5th Side and starting construction on the Hi 5 studio.


The UFI studio is a small project recording studio located in Oakland California owned and operated by producer/engineer Ben Riesman. UFI has a nice sounding room with a high slanted ceiling, a small but nice arsenal of mics and an ecclectic assortment of instruments, including a piano, fender rhodes, farfisa, and hammond B3 organ. A string player from the age of 4, Ben often adds his touches to projects going on in the studio. Recently Ben has done entire orchestral string sections for Bart Davenport's Palaces, Greg Ashley's Painted Garden, Brian Glaze and The Nightshift's Rainsplitter and Hoops and Leather Boots, (both out on Birdman Records) as well as and Indianna Hale's Hallelujah. The UFI Studio has been home to all of le Fits recordings, as well as others including: Bart Davenport, The Morning Benders, Sean Smith, Snowblink, Cardiax, Indianna Hale, Tetherball Records, The Strong as Oak Bay Area Folk Compilation, and the San Antonio Kid.