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blogThoughts About Music, Culture and Politics and Some Cool Mp3s From Bands You've Never Heard Of...


-- Red Heart the Ticker --

We played a show with these guys in Oakland when they were on tour a few months ago. They are real sweet folks and put on a great show. Robin on guitar and Ty played bass and had borrowed an upright for the show from a local 10-year old. They left a copy of their CD and it's been steadily growing on me. Dark, folky, and just the right amount of pop hooks to make it memorable and catchy. I woke up this morning singing the lyric "Roll down your window, baby" and had to figure out which song that came from. It makes me think of my friend's country pickup story - when two dudes in a low rider pulled up next to her at a light and gave her their line, simply "We've got beer." Here it is "Racing Stripe Winter" check out Red Heart the Ticker's site. Hope to see them in Philly when I'm out there.


-- New Fits Album being Mixed --

Here's a Sneak Preview ...

Mr. Energy meets the Super-Genius (Ben and Myles mixing tracks at Guerrilla Recording)
Check out this track... it's not mastered, but it might be mixed: "RevolutionaryMan.mp3

Our sendup of New Wave


-- Sabrina Lane Duim, R.I.P. --

She and her band Volunteer Pioneer are friends of the Fits and played at our CD release party nearly a year ago. She passed away suddenly on january 13th.

It is still hard to believe this - and it only became a reality when I walked into her memorial service. Friends and family remembered her, laughed, cried and played songs - it was sweet and sad at the same time. Sabrina's mother is an amazing woman who reminded us that our relationships with Sabrina will continue even though her body is gone.

Check this song out: "Tiny Violent Town"
Sabrina sings and plays harp. Beautiful.


-- New Artist --

This song is so cool and I have no idea who made it. I downloaded a bunch of songs a few weeks ago and this one somehow got listed in my iTunes as "New Artist" which would be a great name for a band but somehow I don't think that's correct.

Check it out, it's so other-worldly: "New Artist.mp3"
If anyone knows who this is, please tell me


-- Oktoberfest 2006 --

Oakland, California. a Sun, a Barbeque... and some great people played music in the back yard of Mama Buzz Café. Yea Ming, Brian Glaze, Liam Carey, The Fits, Snowblink, the Gammorrans, San Antonio Kid, Indianna Hale, Blank Tapes... and special appearances by Greg Moore and Greg Ashley. Quite a memorable day. I still have about 10 silkscreened posters left if you'd like one let me know.

Brian Glaze and player of an electric spring

Indianna Hale with Sleepy Todd on drums, Matt Adams on guitar and Ben E on fiddle

Greg Moore playing as Greg Ashley tries to tune his string

The Fits with Chris Chu of the Morning Benders on bass and Reid Davis sitting in on horn


-- Jeremy Brecher --

I start this blog with one of my most dear musical influences...

Jeremy is an old friend who lives in a log cabin in W Cornwall, Connecticut and writes on labor, history and politics for progressive journals such as The Nation and Z Magazine. He also happens to have an amazing deep voice and knows an astonishing number of folk songs. When he plays it's like a history lesson: he will usually introduce some back history - where a song came from, what the sometimes odd and obscure lyrics mean - He's the real deal, and one of my favorite people to walk the earth. I took this photo of him when I recorded him a few summers ago on the back porch of my family's place in W Cornwall, CT. Note mic-lampstand.

Here's Jeremy singing an Elizabeth Cotton song "Babe It Ain't No Lie"