* Le Fits

"Rain Dogs meets Pavement in New Orleans" - R. West

Like some of the greatest bands of yore, Le Fits was born at Art School. While studying for an MFA at Mills College in Oakland, California, Ben ( Lead Fit) started lured a few friends from the nearby Mills Music Program, who relished a break from their Avant Guarde compositions to rock out. The recordings blossomed into a 12-song album Near Fits which featured songs mixed by Jonathan Segel (of Camper van Beethoven). Garnering local fans and playing a series of West Coast shows and eventually scoring an indie film soundtrack placement (Birds of America*) Near Fits was a small West Coast success. Ben and his company went on to produce Le Fits Sportif, in which echoes of Talking Heads, Television and Pavement mingle with catchy guitar riffs and post-poetic lyricisms. After East and West Coast tours, Ben left California to relocate to balmier climates of North Philadelphia. There he quickly became a staple in the Philly music scene as he began hosting a once a month variety cabaret "Salon" show at L'Etage, and began building his recording studio the (now finished) Hi5 Recording studio. With a new cast of Philadelphia musicians, Le Fits played around Philadelphia and New York and was a regular staple at the Salon.

in 2013, Le Fits released the 7" record "Sidewinder" which was the first single to be produced at the Hi5 Studio. Thanks to WFMU and KDVS for all the radio play.

The upcoming Le Fits 3rd Album "Fisticuffs" is nearly ready (after nearly 4 years of work) and is slated to be released in Spring 2015.

2 songs from the album have already been picked up for indie films, the most recent being Eli Roth's "Knock Knock" featuring Keanu Reeves.

* Videos
See Le Fits perform "Pantache" Live at Bourbon & Branch, January 2015

Le Fits perform "Mulberry Street" live at the Hi5 Studio

Le Fits cover Scott Walker's "Duchess" in honor of his 72nd birthday

Le Bagged Fits

"Highly Innovative Pop Exploration" (Performer Magazine)

"This [Near Fits] album is so good it feels like Hawaiian Hula music even though it clearly isn't. Put the 12 tracks on repeat for a while and while away the hours." - The Owl Mag

"[Sportif is]... Stellar indie pop reminiscent of Elephant 6 bands, with an effortless and engaging quirkiness layered on top of sweet catchy melodies." (The Bay Bridged).

The song off Near Fits A Hole in One was featured in the recent indie film Birds of America (starring Hillary Swank, Matthew Perry, Ginnifer Goodwin).

"[Sportif is]... A must have for fans of Lou Reed and Luna, no two songs sound the same" -What's Up Magazine

And some German Magazine said something that is totally unintelligible to us. "Hits of the Widererkennens..."


Coming Soon... Le Fits 3rd Album "3 Follies" produced at the Hi5 Recording Studio in Philadelphia.

Sidewinder 7" Record. 45RPM




$6 includes postage.
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Le Fits Sportif
1. Revolutionary Man
2. Sign Language - Download mp3
3. 17 Hours
4. Two Kids
5. Un-Say is Best
6. Pantache
7. Psychic Voodoo
8. The Glass
9. A Good Man is Hard to Fine
10. Le Razoir
11. Magic Potion
12. Lovers
13. Sleepwalker

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nearfits spac Fits Near Fits
1. Boots to the Sky
2. Ball of Twine - Download mp3
3. The Mad Method
4. Ode 2B
5. No Never
6. A Hole in One - Download mp3
7. The Ride
8. The Floor
9. The Unemployment Song
10. Venom.Justified
11. Song for Robert
12. Yuba City
Available on line at CDBABY
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"This album is so good it feels like Hawaiian Hula music even though it clearly isn't. Put the 12 tracks on repeat for awhile and while away the hours." - The Owl Mag [Read the Review]

"...and the equally short aufschrillenden guitar noise in the "Psychic Voodoo" is fascinating the same attention as the main part of himself in "Magic Potion" finally be gleaned all the instruments in this one piece again. Thus, each track gets its own unique flavor. This strategy is the sure guarantee of Widererkennens."

"This strategy is sure guarantee of Widererkennens! "Alert the press! This clearly is a hit single. We have absolutely no idea what this means, but using Google translator on this German Review is pretty funny. [ Soundmag.DE ]

"Effortless and engaging quirkiness layered on top of sweet catchy melodies" - The Bay Bridged

"Each of the dozen tunes is an endearing folksy pop gem with vocals that reminded us of J Mascis." - Aquarius Records

"Highly innovative pop exploration" - Performer Magazine

"Near Fits is... brimming with indie pop gems, with a little bit of folk thrown in for good measure...Ball of Twine"...hooked me within the first 10 seconds and the song just gets better and better after that with the guitar stealing the show, dancing and wiggling all over the place." - SKATTERBRAIN [Read the Review]

"Full of energy" - FAKESCIENCE [Read the Review]

"Wonderful indie pop!" - KZSU [Read the Review]

"... confident and energized ballad-country. "Near Fits" is recommended to listeners who enjoy an Elephant Six twist to their DIY pop." - Christopher Petro , Performer Magazine


Back in Day with Le Fits. A short history:

at The Sunset Bar, Richmond District, San Francisco with original cast members Sarah Hluchan on Saw, Scott Knipplemeir on Trombone and bass Harmonica, Seth Warren on Drums. We ate at Burma Superstar before the show.


At Oktoberfest, Oakland: Back in these days: Reid Davis of the Gomorrans on Trumpet, Chris Chu (of The Morning Benders) on bass, Seth Warren (original Okkervil River) on drums, Gene Baker (the R&B Free Jazz Gospel 80) on keys and.

Ben and Sara, the original cast of Near Fits Fine Arts, at Mills College in 2003

hotel utah
At the Hotel Utah, San Francisco

The kind of famous artist Josh Pieper took this picture. And I don't know if he intended to - but it looks like Ben has a shoulder pad made of a crash cymbal. Eat that Brian Eno!

Le Fits at the Independent, San Francisco with Gris Gris. Ben is wearing a custom-made Trout Mask Replica shirt, that unfortunately is rather stiff and uncomfortable on the skin.

Le Fits @ The 5th Side Benefit Philadelphia, 2010